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C12 Course Choices

C12 Course Choices

2 different ways to get you and your employees C12 certification

Different sized companies require different solutions when it comes to their training needs. At MySDS we try to offer online training that suits the requirements and needs of all businesses. Be it a Fortune 500 company or a local, family run business.

  • We have designed 2 unique registration platforms that suits the needs of different business needs.
  • Our Group Course Purchase is as easy as buying your course seats for your employees and they can get started right away. Easy online signup for your entire company.
  • Our Enterprise Course Purchase gives you the ability to be invoiced monthly. The security of having the staff at MySDS set up your accounts and registration. All the while giving you the reporting and tracking tools to see how your individual employees are fairing.

At MySDS we make getting your C12 Online Driver Training as easy as you can get!

Note: We only accept Visa and Mastercard.

Complete Training at Your Own Pace

Busy with life? Our online C12 Driver Certification course gives you the flexibility to get your training onyour own terms.

Our System Saves Your Progress

Don't have time to do your training in one sitting? No worries, our LMS ensures that no matter where you are in your training you are always where you left off.

We Offer Tools to Monitor Training

Often training an entire staff can become overwhelming. We offer a simple, effective way to enroll and monitor employee training.

Need More Employees to be Trained?

Our easy online service gives you the flexibility to buy the right amount of training for your company. Need more seats? Just buy more. LMS LMS