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Help Section

Welcome to the MySDS LMS Help Section

Registration and login information

Our LMS (Learning Management System) caters to several industries with different requirements. We have tried to simplify the registration process as much as possible but if you should have any questions this section should cover it.

1) Did you purchase your courses online through our online payment system?

You will be enrolling your organization’s members (seats) in the “Employee registration with Group Key” area as seen in the image below. The registration button will be captioned “Register”

2) Is your company one of the following:
      • ONTC
      • Milman Inc
      • MagAero
      • Lessard Welding
      • Satcom Direct

You will be enrolling your organization’s members (code will begin with sds-XXX-XXX) in the “Employee of ONTC, Milman Inc., MagAero, Lessard Welding, Satcom Direct” area as seen in the image below. The registration button will be captioned “Register Here”

When registering you will be asked to enter a password. This password is entirely up to you the one registering. We have left the password options very simple so that you can apply a password that you can easily remember.

The only requirement for a password is that it must be at least 6 characters long. This may include : Letters, numbers, characters or symbols.

You will login after you have finished the registration process on the “Home” page. Please enter your Username (your email) followed by your password.


Username is the email that you used to register your account.


There are many ways to reset your password.

  • When not logged into the system you can use the link on the navigation bar



  • When you are logged into the system you will find this link on the navigation bar


  • You can reset your password by following this link:

Course Purchasing Options and Information

At MySDS we deal with many different companies, organizations or individual contractors. We try to tailor our services to meet each individual ‘s or organizations needs. We currently offer several ways to enroll your employees based on your different requirements.

We currently offer these different course options and billing methods:


Online Purchase:

You can purchase all your courses online. With our simple to use shopping cart system you can purchase one course or as many as you need all in a matter of minutes. Our payment gateway is through Moneris, you can therefore feel confident that your billing information will be secure.


Single Course Purchase

This is a quick and easy method for one (1) individual to sign up in a matter of minutes and begin their training right away. 



Group Course Purchase

The Group Course Purchase is for any organization that requires training for more than one member (+1). Just like the individual course purchase everything can be done online in a mater of minutes. The purchaser will have to create a “Group Leader” account and purchase all the seats required. The “Group Leader” is just like a training supervisor where they will have access to the learning material but will also be able to send “Registration Keys” to individual employees so they can register for the purchased training. The “Group Leader” will have access to all the reporting tools available which will showcase if the user has begun training as well as their progress.

This is a convenient way for any sized company to get their employees trained in a consistent manner while being simple and efficient to implement no matter how many employees need to be trained.



Inter-Office Purchase:

Enterprise Course Purchase

This section deals with large volume course purchases. Certain businesses require additional options such as being invoiced or have such a large volume of potential students (20+) who require training. We normally recommend to fill out our pre-registration form and one of our representatives will contact them at the earliest convenience. This purchase option is not available online.


We would love to hear from you and are always happy to answer any questions you might have. At MySDS we have many products and services to suit all kinds of organizations. Email us, call us and even stop by our offices. We would love to hear from you.


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